Residents speak out after woman is injured during paintball attack in Village of East Davenport

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Davenport Police are looking for the people responsible for the paintball gun attack on a women that seriously injured her eye.

It happened Friday around midnight in the Village of East Davenport near Middle and Jersey Ridge Roads. Officers got called about five men firing paintball guns from a dark SUV. The woman got hit in the face. 

Now neighbors are speaking out on the incident.

Sheri Harris, who works at Colman Florist says, “Well personally working here it’s scary. You don’t know. You’re looking over your shoulder. You don’t know what’s going to happen next , and it’s just seems to be getting worse and worse with these incidents. You know it was right down the street, and thankfully I came in this morning and I thought oh my goodness what am I coming into, and thank God our business wasn’t targeted or hit.”

Harris says she would like to see the Village come together to discuss having extra patrol, even if that means hiring more police. Anyone with any information regarding the incident is urged to call the Davenport Police Department.

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