Residents speak out as gun violence increases in Davenport

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Bullets have been flying all over the place in Davenport. Police responded to at least five shots fired calls within a 14 hour period on Wednesday. Local Four News was the only station at the scene for three of them.

Marquette Street in Davenport has seen a lot of gun violence the past couple weeks as well. Some gunfire has even take place outside of One Eighty. Executive Director, Rusty Boruff says there have been incidents outside the building and sometimes he hears gun shots.

“A couple weeks ago someone was shot and killed on our sidewalk and then a few days later we had two more shootings right here in front of our facility here.”

Boruff says that violence is rising in an area where he’s trying to help turn people’s lives around. One Eighty has been located on Marquette Street for a decade, but Boruff can’t remember things being so dangerous. He says he hasn’t seen this much crime in such a short time span and they’re happening at times when people are out and about.

“A lot of them have been in the middle of the day you know.” Said Boruff. “We had a drive by shooting a few weeks ago here right in front of our where we’re standing now you know right in the middle of the day.”

Local Four News went out to nearby neighborhoods where people say they’re getting used to the sounds of gun shots. One incident a couple weeks ago really stands out for Davenport resident, Rick Lamp.

“I was sitting on my patio talking with my brother.” Said Lamp. “A group of kids came down the sidewalk. Teenage kids and all of a sudden one pulled out a pistol and shot in that direction. Unloaded probably six or eight shots.”

Rick Lamp has lived in Davenport for 43 years. He says he hopes that the police can do something about the violence.

“More active patrols going through the neighborhood. It’s been going in this area for quite awhile.” Lamp said. “The police, I’m sure they’re overwhelmed and these kids, they don’t understand or realize what they’re doing with them guns.”

Rusty Boruff says that One Eighty is adding more security along with more surveillance camera’s.

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