Restaurants adjust to minimum wage increase during the pandemic

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Today marks the first day that minimum wage in the state of Illinois has increased with many of those businesses just beginning to reopen.

Those businesses are already struggling to stay open and now the minimum wage has increased to $10 per hour.

The wage will increase again on January first to $11 per hour with plans to reach $15 by January 2025.

Laurie McNamee is the owner of VIP’s Corner Bar & Grill in Moline says she’s been looking to make cuts in order to keep the business afloat.

“We will definitely have to cut our hours back, cut our people back try to do the best we can with a limited staff,” said McNamee.

The pandemic and minimum wage increase, things aren’t getting any easier for El Mariachi Restaurant.

“Double wam you know we’re just getting out of one and it starts you know, then we get a hit again,” said Virginia Castro, El Mariachi Restaurant Owner.

Castro is thinking of cutting down hours but is planning other changes as well.

“We are going to have to raise our prices a little, I don’t know if we’ll have as many specials as we did before but we’re going to keep that,” said Castro.

McNamee is hopeful that things will soon go back to normal.

“Anything to try to save some money and it might even be further until things open up completely at full capacity that’ll be the thing we’ll have to do to try to stay in business as much as we can,” said McNamee.

This is the second raise for minimum wage in less than a year in Illinois.

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