Retiring Quad Cities teachers see an earlier end to their in-classroom careers

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Teachers in the Quad Cities are not ending the school year how they would like to.

Schools in Iowa and Illinois have been closed since early March, and teachers who are retiring spent their last days in the classroom sooner than expected.

“I student-taught at Cody 32 years ago, and I got hired, and I’ve been 4th grade for 31 years,” Cindi Venhorst said. “I expected that was gonna be the call that was gonna happen, but you know initially I was just totally heartbroken because it was final, I knew that was going to be the end of my school year.”

Marty Mahieu says he’d never envisioned that he would be outside of the classroom for the end of his career.

“I thought June 1st or June 2nd I’d start taking home all my personal possessions,” Mahieu said.

Mahieu has been teaching at Moline High School since 1989, and wishes he was able to end the semester like all the others, but the students have made it all worthwhile.

“I miss the kids and I miss health and every day’s different in class. Just a lot of outstanding kids that I work with. And I miss seeing them in the classroom,” Mahieu said. “There will be plenty of time to celebrate graduation. It’s unfortunate that prom and the rest of the end of the year activities were cancelled, but I know there will come a time for you to enjoy that happiness.”

Venhorst plans on giving her students a proper sendoff come the star of next school year.

“Continue to work hard like you have been all year,” Venhorst said. “We’re all in this together, and all of you have a great support group and I’ll plan on stopping in to see you next fall to say hi and goodbye.”

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