A Bureau County family’s prayers have been answered just in time for the holidays. Jasmine Pickett ran away from home at the end of June, but on Oct. 19, she was found by U.S Marshals.

They asked Jasmine’s family not to reveal any information about where she had been, or where they found her.

When Jasmine’s mother Laura Clausen received the phone call from the U.S Marshal Service that they found her daughter, the news was almost too good to be true.

“Ecstatic. It kind of didn’t register what I was told because half of me didn’t really want to believe that she was found,” said Clausen.

Now, their family is complete again after a long four months.

“Basically, everything fell back in place, it seemed. The other two girls are thrilled that she’s home. She’s started back into school, but she’s doing it remote. It’s like we never skipped a beat,” said Clausen.

Jasmine is doing very well with her studies and has straight A’s. Clausen says that, despite problems leading up to her running away and being gone for so long, Jasmine is back to her old self.

“She seems to be very happy. She’s her giddy self, laughing, happy,” said Clausen.

With Jasmine being gone for so long, Clausen and the rest of her family wanted to ease her back into things.

“We kept her in the house for a few days to make sure that she didn’t have any signs or symptoms of COVID, and so far, there hasn’t been anything else.”

Jasmine and her mother always watch TV together, and they have been catching up on their favorite crime shows.

“We’ve been doing CSI and Criminal Minds,” said Clausen.

Now, they are ready to have Thanksgiving as a complete family.