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It’s been nearly two weeks since six people were shot in downtown Rock Island.

One person is dead from that shooting.

Right now, there is a curfew in Rock Island to stop people from staying out late.

But Mayor Mike Thoms is looking for a more permanent solution that won’t penalize bar owners.

Local 4’s Taylor Boser was live in the District on Local 4 News This Morning to tell us about some of those possibilities.

The 1:30 curfew that was put in place only lasts for 30 days — so it will go until the end of this month.

While Thoms says less people were out last weekend, he has been talking with council members and bar owners about more permanent solutions.

There has been talk of having a moratorium on liquor licenses to prevent more bars from coming to the District.

He says this will allow for different types of businesses to come to the area — with the hope that it draws in a different crowd.

He also told us that he thinks having all bars close at 2 a.m. could be an effective solution to stopping some of the late night violence.

No matter what the long term solution may be, Thoms says seeing all this violence in his community is very disappointing.

“The city council, the staff and a number of volunteer citizens work so hard in getting a positive attitude and doing things that are fun and exciting for the city and new, and then unfortunately, one situation can undo a whole year’s worth of fun and planning and everything else and so that’s disheartening, it’s frusterating,” Thoms said.

There will be a city council meeting Monday where residents will be able to share what they would want to see to try to limit violence in the District.

That starts at 6:45 — and you can come in person or join virtually.

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