A trend in Rock Island — gun violence.

Four shootings happened in the city over the last few days, prompting a public response from the police department.

Some of the shootings over the summer have been deadly, with the most recent happening Sunday.

Rock Island Police Chief Richard Landi and Mayor Mike Thoms held a news conference Tuesday to address the issue.

“What we’re seeing is a pattern of behavior with many of these incidents where they’ll go steal a car,” Landi said. “We had these shots fired incidents where they’ll run, they’ll drive around firing off guns or shooting randomly sometimes. We were dealing with that earlier in the year. They were driving around and it wasn’t just ocurring in Rock Island they would drive all over. And of course we have a restrictive pursuit policy, so even when we find these stolen cars, the moment they take off, unless they’re firing a gun, we don’t pursue it.”

Thoms said the city is looking to add police officers.

“We need the community to be engaged and involved,” Thoms said. “One thing that we have done is made sure there was money in the budget to be able to hire officers and now unfortunately, the money’s there, but the applicants are not. “

The conversation will not end there.

Rock Island Alderman Moses Robinson will host an event Thursday at City Hall to talk about the gun violence as well.