Ribbon cutting set for pet-waste station to help park stay ‘doo’-ly clean

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The public is welcome to a ribbon cutting to help a Riverdale park stay “doo”-ly clean.

Partners of Scott County Watersheds representatives, Iowa American Water representatives, City of Riverdale elected officials and employees, and Scott County Humane Society dogs also will be at the ceremony at 10 a.m. Friday, Nov. 5, for the new pet-waste station in Biecentennial Park, Riverdale, according to a news release from Partners of Scott County Watersheds.

The pet-waste station – the first in Riverdale – will help reduce the amount of pet waste left behind at parks and improve local water quality, the release says.

Pet waste is a regular contributor to water pollution all over the country, the release says. Many pathogens that are harmful to humans can be found in pet waste, and nutrients produced when waste breaks down can be carried via storm-water runoff into area lakes, streams, and rivers. Excess nutrients in watersheds have been proven to cause algal blooms that can be harmful to aquatic organisms living in watersheds and disrupt the natural ecosystem.

Providing more pet-waste stations locally will help to resolve this issue and improve the health of watersheds, the release says.

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