Rich Redmond visits Fulton High School

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Rich Redmond is the drummer for Jason Aldean, he played tonight at the Taxslayer Center in front of a sold out crowd. Before the concert he was at Fulton High School speaking to students.

Redmond is a motivational speaker and has developed a system called CRASH which stands for commitment, relationship, attitude, skill, and hunger. He says that attitude is 99.9% of life and that is the one thing that people will remember most about you. Commitment is one of the most important things to remember about CRASH because that’s where it all starts.

“If you wanna lose weight, or quit smoking cigarettes, or accomplish anything in our life it starts with the mind.” Redmond stated. “And any goals you have, write it down and it will be easier to actually follow through and take action.”

He loves speaking to high school students because he knows that is the age group that needs it more than anyone.

“Right now they are in that period in their life where they can make choices that will effect the rest of their life.” Redmond said. “So if they can have someone like myself that came in and says look I was right where you were. I had a dream, I followed it through, practiced hard, and put in my 10’s of thousands of hours, and I was able to make my dreams come true.”

Redmond has plans to visit a few more high schools this year to speak to the students.

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