RICO Health Board votes to restructure department amid controversy

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois — The Rock Island County Board of Health is making staffing changes after nurses reported a “hostile” supervisor.

Two months ago, Local 4 News reported several county health department employees filed lawsuits for discrimination from a nursing supervisor.

Tonight the board decided the supervisor would stay in the department, but not with the nurses.

“Certainly that has stimulated the discussion, but there are benefits to this reorganization as well … We decided to do a bit of restructuring,” said county health board president Douglas Vroman. “This has really been a challenge for everybody.”

The decision came after the board spent an hour in closed session.

The nurses will now report to a new infectious disease director. The nursing supervisor will be given other responsibilities.

“We’re trying to do what we can to address those issues and move this forward,” Vroman said.

Before the announcement was made, department staff told Local 4 News they didn’t no what else they could do because no one had acted on their complaints.

After the meeting, one employee said it’s a start. Others were clear it’s not enough.

Vroman couldn’t say if more staffing changes were expected because funding dictates many of their actions, but he’s happy with this decision.

“I have a real good feeling that we’re moving in the right direction,” Vroman said.

Medical director resigns

The county health administrator announced tonight the hiring of a temporary medical director. The current director is resigning tomorrow.

There will be a change in services at the department while they look for a permanent director. STD testing and refugee services will be limited to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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