The work to clear snow off the streets and highways started Thursday. 

As snow plow drivers were out doing their jobs as best they can, city workers wanted to share how their job is different than most of us might think.

Public works crews for Rock Island have nine routes throughout the city they use to keep main streets clear of snow. 

Rock Island Public Works gave us the opportunity to see what it’s like for our snow plow drivers firsthand. 

Plow drivers for Rock Island work 12 hour shifts, plowing nine different routes throughout the city. Municipal Services Superintendent Luke Van Landegen says the work of a plow driver isn’t easy.

“You know, you’re working long shifts. often in the middle of the night,” Van Landegen said. “You’re fighting parked cars. and you know, you got a million critics. Everybody’s an armchair quarterback and they can do it better. One of our employees, he had kind of a good catchphrase one time that kind of stuck with us. ‘Plow the street like your grandma lives on it.’ So that’s kind of the standard we try to uphold here.” 

Our snow plow drivers would like us to respect the space needed for their large trucks on the road. We can do this by getting cars out of the way on snow routes, which allows for clearer roads. 

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