On Tuesday, River Bend Foodbank in Davenport celebrated its 40th anniversary with a public event welcoming community members across the Quad Cities to join together to reflect on the organization’s past.

It also announced plans for the future ith its Expand to End Hunger Campaign. This expansion plan will double the amount of food the bank can provide for the community.

The 40-year celebration parallels another noteworthy 40-year-streak, as the inflation rate recently climbed to the highest it’s been in about 40 years. Iowa’s Lt. Governor Adam Gregg says assistance like that provided by the River Bend Foodbank is more important than ever.

“During the pandemic of course we had unexpected job losses, where folks who maybe never faced food insecurity before suddenly were facing it,” Gregg said, “And today we face a slightly different challenge in terms of inflation and the higher cost of goods it can make ends harder to meet. That’s where the food banks come in.”

The organization welcomes volunteers. Visit here for information on how you can get involved.