The city of Riverdale, Iowa will dedicate a newly created park at the City Council meeting on Sept. 12, 2023, at 7 p.m., at the Pleasant Valley Administration Center, 525 Belmont Road, Riverdale.

From 1867 continuously through 2017, the Welch family resided on and farmed the land in Riverdale now known as the Woods Estates subdivision. The Welches were among the residents who signed the original Articles of Incorporation for the city of Riverdale in 1950, according to a Monday morning Riverdale news release. Albert Welch, the family’s patriarch, served on the City Council for 13 years and was Fire Chief for seven years.

A new trail in the undeveloped Woods Estates subdivision in Riverdale, created by Eagle Scout candidate Riley Kramer of Riverdale, part of a planned new city park.

In 2012, the Welch Family sold the land located between the Deerbrook subdivision in Bettendorf, and the Pleasant Hills, and subsequently established Woods Estates subdivision in Riverdale to the city. Until recently, the approximate 10 acres of land were left undeveloped.

Earlier this year, Riverdale resident and Eagle Scout candidate Riley Kramer undertook the ambitious task of installing a trail system throughout the parcel, later naming it RHK Trail.

A Scott County Assessor’s site map that shows the outline of the new Riverdale park in blue and the RKH Trail in yellow.

In its meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 12, the City Council is expected to approve a resolution naming and dedicating the area as John Welch Park in honor and recognition of the family that made Riverdale their home for over a century and who were instrumental in the incorporation and initial administration of the city.

Kelly Krell, the city clerk, said Monday that Riverdale has no plans to further develop the area. They will leave it as a nature area with a walking trail, with no playgrounds, facilities, electricity/water, etc.