Rock Island’s Public Works Department holds a special training session every year to prepare their snowplow drivers for navigating the city streets during severe weather.

The Snow Road-eo is a day of training and fun competition among public works employees to get them ready for the upcoming winter season. The Road-eo is divided into three sections: a written exam, obstacle course and a walk-around inspection of the vehicle. Points are given for each phase and the person with the highest score wins.

“We take the highest scoring drivers from the first round and have them face off in a final competition for an overall winner,” said Public Works Director Michael Bartels. “Everyone wants bragging rights, so it can get pretty competitive. At the same time, it is helping with preparedness, education and safety. For some of our drivers, this is the first time they will operate a snowplow since being hired this year. This helps them be better prepared to operate the snowplow equipment.”

Road-eo fans can watch the competition on Thursday, November 10 from 9-11 a.m. at the Public Works Municipal Services Building, 100 Sixth Avenue in Rock Island.