Victim: “I was terrified” during late-night Davenport gas station robbery

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A Davenport man who lost $400 during a late-night Saturday robbery convinced one of the men in the truck involved to return his cell phone.

Local 4 News was the only station at the scene. The robbery happened shortly before 10:30 p.m. at the Gas Depot, 3108 W. Central Park, Davenport.

Nolan Givens, who lives in the neighborhood, said he had been drinking before he arrived at the convenience store/gas station. He didn’t want to drive drunk so he paid a friend $5 to take him there.

He bought some alcohol at the store, then started to walk back to his friend’s car. Three men – one older and two younger – in a red truck were nearby “and two guns were drawn on us,” Givens said.

The friend, scared, took off, and left Givens begging for his phone, which one of the men gave him, but not before asking for $10. “He actually gave me my phone, and they sped off,” Givens said.

Givens, left wearing only one left sandal after the experience, described the red truck as possibly a red Dodge.

He said his children were away for the weekend.

He thinks his friend, who took off, “was scared for his life, and so was I,” Givens said.

Both a Davenport police officer and a Scott County deputy spoke with other people at the scene, where customers continued to come and go late Saturday.

Givens said he plans to move out of the neighborhood.

This is a developing story. Local 4 will continue to provide updates when they are available.

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