Rock Island County Board moves to sell Hope Creek

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There’s no hope left for Hope Creek Care Center.

Tonight the Rock Island County Board voted to sell the struggling nursing home.

Hope Creek owes $20 million between its mortgage payments and short-term debt. That’s why the board voted to have the county administrator put together a sales proposal.

Board chairman Richard Brunk said they are running out of time and money, which makes this the best option.

“The effects of the efforts to sure up the home are going to take some time and you know with our current financial situation it’s a very volatile situation,” Brunk said.

Brunk said it could be up to six months before bids come in.

Many of the Hope Creek employees were holding back tears as they left the meeting tonight. Several said they worry privatizing the home will leave them and their residents without a place to go.

County administrator Jim Snider said they can add conditions to the sale. They could require a new owner to keep employees and patients, but he says that might only be for a transition period. 

Local 4 News spoke with Julie Young, who has worked at Hope Creek for 22 years. Her daughter and niece work there too and her mother-in-law is a resident.

Young said she feels overlooked.

“I’m very angry with the board and they didn’t ask enough questions,” she said. “They should come ask the staff what do they think. How do you think you could fix it? Did they ask any of us? No.”

With a possible change in ownership, Young said her family may have to move somewhere else.

“I wouldn’t take her anywhere else, but if all this happens I might have to find her somewhere else to go,” Young said. “I might have to quit and take care of her myself.”

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