Rock Island County reports highest numbers in new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations

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The Rock Island County Health Department reported 244 new positive COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, the highest number reported since the pandemic began, bringing the county total to 5,984.

The health department also reported 54 patients are hospitalized because of the coronavirus, the most ever in the county.

“I don’t know how much clearer we can be,” said Nita Ludwig, administrator of the Rock Island County Health Department. “The number of COVID-19 cases have spiraled out of control. You heard our hospital systems sound their alarms last week, and since then, our numbers have gotten worse.

“We are in a desperate situation, and we need your help,” Ludwig said. “If you have the virus, you must stay home for 10 days after your symptoms start. If you have been told you are a close contact to a sick person, you must stay home for 14 days from the most recent contact you had had with that person. Please do not leave your home, except to seek urgent medical care. And then before leaving, please call your primary medical provider first to seek guidance on the best way to care for you.”

Deaths due to COVID-19 remained at 109.

The new cases are:

  • 5 women in their 80s
  • 8 women in their 70s
  • 17 women in their 60s
  • 14 women in their 50s
  • 21 women in their 40s
  • 27 women in their 30s
  • 24 women in their 20s
  • 4 women in their teens
  • 7 girls in their teens
  • 5 girls younger than 13
  • 1 man in his 90s
  • 2 men in their 80s
  • 3 men in their 70s
  • 17 men in their 60s
  • 20 men in their 50s
  • 18 men in their 40s
  • 10 men in their 30s
  • 25 men in their 20s
  • 3 men in their teens
  • 7 boys in their teens
  • 6 boys younger than 13

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