Rock Island DJ has hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment stolen

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A Rock Island DJ known as Candy Man is in a pickle right now after his trailer containing all of his DJ equipment was stolen from Oak Grove Storage in Milan. Candy Man went to pick up the trailer for a show in Galesburg this evening, but when he arrived he saw that it was nowhere to be found.

“It’s a lot of money in that trailer. I don’t know, I’m terribly upset and I don’t know what to say to be honest. I can’t believe somebody would do this, but it’s been done.”

A lot of equipment was inside the trailer and it took him years to be able to collect it.

“A bunch of sound equipment. I do live concerts and things. It was several speakers, high end amps, big heavy equipment, along with snakes and cords. So about 100 and some dollars worth of stuff in that trailer.”

A lot of money invested into a profession that Candy Man has been a part of for a long time.

“I’ve had it for decades, I’ve been doing this since I was probably about 20 years old somewhere in there. I’ve added on and changed some things and made it to that point and now somebody just took it in one day.”

One thing that Candy Man is trying to figure out is how the criminals got in the storage yard.

“You have to have a key thing to get into the gate. So whoever used the key, they’ll be able to know who did that as well.”

Once they got inside, the criminals would have had a really tough time moving the trailer because it was heavily secured.

“Actually they had to tear my locks off as well off the trailer to even be able to hook up to the trailer and the actual jack on the trailer that you raise the trailer to hook it was broke so they had to find a way to lift the trailer to get it on the back of whatever they pulled it with.”

Despite the major setback, Candy Man was still able to perform at The Grand Tap in Galesburg tonight.

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