Rock Island High School yearbook gets national recognition

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A lot of hard work takes place in the journalism class at Rock Island High School.

And it turns into a several hundred page yearbook.

“Sometimes, yes it can be stressful, but the overall product is worth it,” said Larissa Pothoven, an editor on the Rock Island yearbook.

And as of monday, its an award winning yearbook.

It was one of six schools in Illinois recognized in the Herff-Jones portfolio.

“Its super super cool. We’ve always looked at the portfolio, like gone through it and looked at it so it’s really cool to be able to see our book in it now,” said Ellie Maranda, a Rock Island senior on the yearbook staff.

Preparation for the book gets started in April the year before.

So the award is a testament to all the hard work by the students.

“In this class, what’s neat is they can have a lot of buy in to it so they create the book,” said Rock Island High School journalism teacher Sarah Miers. “Its their idea, its their theme, they decide what goes onto the pages.”

And this has been 11 years in the making Miers.

So it’s just as much about her efforts as well.

“She’s really inspiring. She always pushes us to do our hardest work and helps us out in the classroom. She definitely deserves it, her as a teacher,” said Emma Beierlein, a Rock Island senior on the yearbook staff.

And they’re really excited about the award.

But they’ve gotten so much more from the class.

“I think its made me a better worker and how to hit deadlines. And obviously how to not procrastinate,” said Maranda. “And how to use my time and I think my social skills have gotten better. Having to reach out to people and interview people and stuff like that.”

“I get to meet lots of new people and work on my writing and improve those skills,” said Pothoven

So they’ve essentially reached the top of the yearbook mountain.

How will they follow up it up?

“What matters is that we’re proud of our work at the end of the day. And I’m really proud of this yearbook too,” said Miers. “So if we ever top this, that’s awesome, but as long as we out a good, quality yearbook, that’s all I’m hoping.”

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