Rock Island Man Battles Sister in Court After Vaccinating 90-Year-Old Father

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UPDATE: Steven Baker tells WHBF a judge has dismissed the case.

EARLIER: Steven Baker, the oldest of 10 siblings, drives from Rock Island to Wisconsin once a  month to visit his sick father.

Baker helps to take care of his ailing 90-year-old father who is battling Alzheimer’s disease, but now has to fight in court if he ever wants to see his father anytime soon.

“Janet is issuing a restraining order for 4 years against me for getting dad vaccinated,” said Baker.

Two of Baker’s sisters have power of attorney when it comes to their dad’s health.

“Janet thinks I harmed dad by getting him vaccinated,” said Baker.

Baker told Local 4 News that his decision to get his father vaccinated has ended in his sister getting a restraining order against him lasting 4 years , which he claimed will result in him not being able to have contact with his father.

According to Baker, although one sister was against giving their father the COVID-19 vaccine his other sister who is also power of attorney of their father’s health gave him the go ahead.

All of this happened just 9 months after Baker experienced a devastating loss.

“My wife died of COVID. I have a very strong opinion on this and I’m not just going to sit back. Dad’s 90 if he gets COVID he’d be a goner,” said Baker.

We reached out to a local legal expert to get a better understanding of the next steps in situations such as these.

Local Family Law  Attorney H.J. Dane of H.J. Dane Law Office says it is important to only have one person as power of attorney when a family member becomes ill.

“If there are two people and they can’t make a decision then the court has to determine whether it should intervene and decide which of the two people should have that authority.” 

We called Bakers’ sister Janet, to get her side of the story but, we did not answer.

Baker on the other hand told us he will do whatever he has to just to see his father again.

“I do this because dad needs someone who really cares.” 

Steven Baker told Local 4 News he plans to get the COVID-19 booster shot for his dad when it’s available if he wins the case.

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