A Rock Island teenager is taking her talents to the big screen.

Seventeen-year-old Charlotte Boyer is featured on this season of The Voice.

She’s been playing guitar and writing songs since she was 10-years-old.

Her mom submitted a video of her performing to The Voice, she got a call back, went through the interview process and that’s how she got to be featured on the show.

“It was a little overwhelming, but it also was I think like the greatest moment of my life that I’ve had,” she said.

As she’s gotten older, her passion has grown. Now, she writes songs about mental health.

“I hope that people with mental illness can connect to my songs in a way that doesn’t make them feel alone and makes them feel like there is somebody out there that’s going through the same thing they’re going through and is thinking the same things they’re thinking,” Boyer said.

More information about when she will appear on the show can be found on her music page.