Rock Island to issue grants to local businesses

Local News

The city of Rock Island will be issuing grants of up to $2,500 dollars to locally owned businesses to help them in this tough time. The stores are all happy to see that the city is doing anything that they can to help

“It would be huge.” Said Kay Schneider, the owner of SK Model Salon. “Every little bit helps you know I don’t care what it is every bit helps and whatever we can get is gonna be headed in the right direction that’s for sure. That could keep our doors open and we could get everybody back to work.”

Rock Island Mayor, Mike Thoms says one of the most important things that he wants businesses to know is that it’s a grant, not a loan so they don’t have to pay it back.

“We felt a lot of small businesses are already ridden with a lot of debt and at this point don’t need more payments.”

Almost all businesses are eligible to receive the grant, but independently owned stores will be first in line to get them and corporations are exempt. Mayor Thoms says that it’s huge for the community to be able to support the businesses that are in need.

“That’s the lifeblood, the main part, the lifeblood of the city of Rock Island is the small independent businesses.”

The process to acquiring a grant is quick and a business could have it within one week.

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