Rock Island woman faces felony charges after 3 injured in Bettendorf bar fight

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A 30-year-old Rock Island woman faces felony charges after a Bettendorf bar fight left three people injured.

Rebecka Castaneda-Valadez faces three counts of assault while displaying a weapon and three counts of willful injury, all felonies.

The fight happened shortly before 2 a.m. Jan. 10 at the Central Avenue Tap, 2604 Central Ave., the arrest affidavit says. Castaneda-Valadez’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend got into an argument, which led to a fight.

Castaneda-Valadez, “without apparent provocation,” grabbed a glass beer bottle and struck the bar owner in the back of the head with it, breaking the bottle.

After that, Castaneda-Valadez cut another victim with the bottle while the second victim tried to break up the fight, the affidavit says.

A third victim was fighting with the defendant’s sister and also was cut with the bottle by Castaneda-Valadez.

The three victims were transported to different hospitals with these injuries:

Victim one: A large cut to the back of the head that was “bleeding profusely” from being struck by the beer bottle.

Victim two: A large cut underneath her right eye and a large deep cut over her right eye. Both injuries were “bleeding profusely” when police officers arrived. She advised an officer she would need surgery in Iowa City for the wound above her right eye.

Victim three: A large, deep cut to her left ring finger, swelling above her left eye and had a small cut on the left side of her back. The cut to the victim’s finger and her back had been bleeding when Bettendorf police arrived.

Witnesses identified Castaneda-Valadez as the person who had struck and cut all three victims, who independently identified her from a photo lineup.

Witnesses also identified a codefendant, Sean Wren, 31, as being involved in the fight, too. The third victim said he struck her multiple times in the face while Castaneda-Valadez assaulted her.

Castaneda-Valadez, arrested on a warrant, was released on bond after being held 33 minutes Saturday night in Scott County Jail. She is scheduled to appear Feb. 15 and again Feb. 19 in Scott County Court.

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