Royal Neighbors of America continues its tradition of helping in the community. 

On Tuesday, it presented three separate $10,000 Nation of Neighbors grants to area non profit organizations. Foster Hope was the first recipient. The grant will allow the Geneseo location to expand their reach, so it can continue to provide training and support for families caring for foster children, give them supplies for teens aging out of the system, as well as offer scholarships. 

There are about 370 children in a foster home, or relative’s care in the four counties the organization serves. 

Lola Rohn, Founder of Foster Hope says, “I’ve recently three years ago been able to retire from my job, so this is something I do full time, I’m very passionate about it. 24/7 I would say that being at Foster Hope, and serving the foster care community is definitely  my happy place.” 

Empower House was the second organization awarded. It is a brain injury club house. The organization offers programs, and activities for adults who have experienced, or recovering from brain injuries. It helps brain injury survivors reconnect into life, the community, and the workplace.

Currently they are working out of a temporary space in the Sacred Heart Cathedral’s basement located in Davenport. Missey Heinrichs, recipient of the grant says this will help them purchase their own permanent location. 

“We just meet on Thursdays for two hours a week, which is really limited. It kind of limits the amount of support we can provide for our folks so we are going to use grants such as this to help us purchase our forever home,” she says. 

Living Proof Exhibition is the third recipient. It is a program to encourage cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and families express themselves through art that will be featured in community exhibitions.

Pamela Crouch, Founder of the organization is a cancer survivor. She began Living Proof when she started painting to relive stress from her challenging treatments. 

“There’s just been such a need for what we do. We’re the only ones regionally doing the programming that we do, and we are here in the Quad Cities and Muscatine. So a financial support is always necessary, especially when we are helping so many people,” says Crouch.

Nation of Neighbors is a Royal Neighbors of America philanthropy program that provides financial assistance to people who have a plan to start or expand a business, organization, program or non profit that helps women or girls in their community. To date more than $2 million has been awarded nationwide.