Royal Neighbors of America, a Rock-Island-based fraternal benefit society, is launching a new member program, RoyalConnect.

RoyalConnect is a fun and flexible way for members of Royal Neighbors to give back to their communities. Each month offers a new opportunity to complete a feel-good charitable act in one hour or less.

“RoyalConnect was strategically designed with several objectives that drive the Royal Neighbors mission of supporting women and serving communities,” Director of Philanthropy Amy Jones said in a Thursday release. “The program will increase familiarity with our mission among our members, but more importantly, it will challenge them to act upon it. We know through our research that connecting members to acts of service will illuminate purpose within and ignite an emotional bond to our mission.”

Amy Jones is director of philanthropy for Royal Neighbors of America.

Royal Neighbors will donate $10 to a selected charity for every member that participates each month. All charities will be former Nation of Neighbors recipients.

Nation of Neighbors is Royal Neighbors’ signature women’s empowerment program which gives annual awards and grants to women who work to empower other women and girls through a nonprofit, business, or program.

“RoyalConnect will broaden our reach and create a ripple effect in the communities where our members live and raise their families,” Jones said. “We are working to provide our members with opportunities to create meaningful, measurable, and long-lasting impact.”

Royal Neighbors members are invited to commit to a new, one-hour, small-act volunteer challenge each month. Members can commit using their easy online form at the program website HERE.