Scaring up scares with the scariest sinister slashers in cinema

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Which movie monsters scare Quad Citians the most? Dracula? Frankenstein’s Monster? Michael Myers?

A recent study discovered which characters bring out the most shrieks in cinema, by collecting heart rate data to find out.

Participants in the study watched a whopping 5,760 minutes of horror films while wearing a heart rate device. The heart rate information was used to determine which villain scared them the most based on the variance of their resting heart rate and how the rate peaked throughout each movie. Then, 990 additional people were surveyed to find out which movie villain they think is the scariest to compare the perception to the actual heart rate data.

Mirror, mirror on the wall – who’s the scariest of all?

In the end, they found that the Boogeyman himself, Michael Myers, is the scariest classic villain! Next up was hockey mask-clad Jason Voorhees, followed by Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger.

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Who’s your favorite scary movie monster?

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