School supplies drive launched by father of 7 who knows the struggles parents face

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A father of seven is holding a “back to school donation drive” to help families next year.

The pandemic inspired him to make sure other parents can provide school supplies for their kids.

Jeramie Coleman knows firsthand those struggles with his large family.

He founded the “Do Better Now” organization to lighten the load some families feel from the pandemic.

The organization just launched its first back to school supplies drive.

Coleman believes in the power of community, love, and compassion.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many difficulties for families across the U.S., but instead of dwelling on challenges from the past, this Quad Cities father started “Do Better Now” as a way for neigbors to help each other out and to teach his children just how much of an impact a little bit of kindness can have on others.

Coleman, 34, turned his luck around after experiencing hardship. With his organization, he is advocating for Quad Citizens to unify and show compassion to one another so no one has to face life’s challenges alone.

“I’ve been in a position to not be able to provide school supplies for my children before and then also with us coming back from COVIS, there’s a lot of children who just haven’t even been in a regular school,” Coleman said. “So we’re giving this extra effort out and giving back to other people.”

“I have seen firsthand his struggles being a single father and getting things for the kids and there are a lot of dads out there,” said Stephanie Clark, Do Better Now spokesperson.

Coleman doesnt wallow in past adversities. He is moving forward and wants to inspire those around him to work hard and strengthen others with the power of generosity.

“It’s never too late to do better, so that is just adovcating for anyone who has had any type of past, any type of struggles they’re trying to overcome. You can always have a chance to do better,” Coleman said. “The impact I’m trying to make — bring hope to the community, love to the community — you don’t have to know people to be able to help them out.”

Do Better Now hopes to give 1,000 kids a full backpack of school supplies. The drive is collecting tangible resources for children, but Coleman doesn’t want it to stop there. He hopes to teach his family that what you do matters to the world.

All children have the ability to make a difference and help others the way he did — regardless of their circumstances.

“I tell my children every day they’re greatness and they were born to be great, so I just hope they take what I’ve done and increase on it ten-fold,” Coleman said.

Do Better Now is actively recruiting volunteers to help with their first backpack and school supplies giveaway fair on August 1.

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