Schools closed early to make sure students made it home safely before snow storm moved into area

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School districts wanted to make sure students made it home safely before the snow storm moved into the area

A number of schools in our viewing area have closed early due to the snowstorm that’s moving through area, whether they were getting on buses, or riding with parents. Sherrard School District wanted to make sure students made it home safely.

“Just like any other winter driving, we would drive slower, and drive with caution, and be sure that we are periodically checking the road and the conditions and things like that,” says Troy Beverly, Sherrard bus driver.

Beverly was able to drop off more than half the students before the snow started hitting the ground

He says being tasked with the responsibility to get hundreds of kids home safely is something he doesn’t take lightly.

Beverly says, “This accumulation within the last half and hour so you can imagine what it’s going to be like at 4-4:30 5:00- because where we are at right now it’s 5 after 1 and I’m just finished, and normally I’m finishing at 4:30, so there is probably a couple inches of snow and maybe some ice by 4:30. “

Beverly says planning ahead was the right thing to do.

“It was definitely the right call getting them out, and getting them home,” he says.

Parents tell Local 4 News they agree.

Mary Horton says, “I think it’s the right thing to do, if the kids are in school the rest of the day it’s going to endanger people’s lives being out on the road.”

“I just really appreciate that they really pay attention and that our superintendent pays attention to the news, the weather report and made sure our kids were safe because that’s the most important thing,” says Andrea Haley.

Beverly says driving a bus is a lot different from driving a car. So making sure you are checking road conditions while also driving defensively is important for everyone to follow on their commute.

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