Scott Co Board of Commissioners approve letter of consent for relocating refugees

Local News

Scott County’s Board of Supervisors say they’ll welcome refugees to the community.

They voted unanimously to send a letter to the US State Department indicating the intention to let refugees relocate there.

The board says it will have a positive impact on the county’s economy.

They also did so to make the area more diverse and exposing it to different cultures.

They revitalize our culture,” Ken Croken, a Scott County Commissioner said. “They invigorate our economy, and the clear and undeniable fact is that refugees contribute much more than they consume. “

There were many proponents for the issue in attendance and we spoke with one who said that the move would help build up the workforce.

“We don’t have enough workers for our workforce,” Jazmin Newton, president of the United Latin American Citizens of Davenport said. “We need to grow our workforce. One great way of doing that will be bringing in immigrants or being welcoming to those refugees so that they can re-settle here.”

The letter will be sent to the state department in a few days, and the consent letter will be active as soon as it’s received.

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