Scott County Democrats want people to recognize the ‘integrity’ of caucus results

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The Quad Cities dealt with issues with the app used on caucus night, along with other places in Iowa.

The Scott County Democratic Party Chair Elesha Gayman can’t say for sure just how many precincts had issues, but she is weighing in on the future of caucusing in Iowa.

“We’re just kind of checking and double checking because you don’t want to announce the results and have them be wrong so accuracy is far more important than you know the speed at which we’re releasing these,” Gayman said.

The problems with the app that precinct chairs had to use caused a domino effect in getting results in.

“It’s going to happen, the technology is it’s good and it’s bad and there’s growing pains, fortunately that’s why they have the back up. I mean the phones definitely got bogged down, but we still have everything on record, it doesn’t change the results of anything it’s just means that we’re not getting that instant gratification that we often look to to have those instantaneous news updates,” Gayman said.

For her, the wait was worth it.

“The integrity of it I think people are going to recognize and respect and also the fact that this is so many hard working volunteers that are putting this together and I think it gives us the opportunity to really highlight their hard work because so much goes in to prep a lot of times you don’t get to see it but now we’re actually showing you on the back end of how much work that is going in to it as well so I hope there’s a new appreciation for all the volunteers that are helping as well.”

For Gayman, she hopes the caucus process will be around for the next election.

“You kind of see democracy in action and there’s not a lot of venues now where you’re face to face, so much is remote, so much is technology and so it’s really nice to connect with your community and have that face to face interaction.”

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