Scott County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Roxanna Moritz announced that all active registered voters in Scott County will be mailed an Absentee Ballot Request form for the November General Election.

“I was hoping that Secretary Pate would have the authority to mail request forms to all active registered voters just as he successfully did for the June Primary Election,” Moritz said. “Most people support what he did and believe that it led to a highly successful election with record breaking turnout.”

Moritz joined other county auditors, including Clinton County, to mail the request forms because the Iowa Legislative Council changed the authority for a statewide mailing by Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate as well as concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“After the Legislative Council made its decision I tasked my staff to review the budget and find the funds necessary for a county-wide mailing,” Moritz said. “The need for this action only grew as COVID-19 numbers exploded nationally, and grew at an alarming rate in Iowa and the Quad Cities, including Scott County. That is when I decided that we have to take action now.”

Scott County registered voters can expect to see the forms come in the mail in August. They will include prepaid postage so they can be mailed back without any cost to voters.