Semi almost slides into woman’s backyard after I-280 crash

Local News

'I just went to the window and saw the horrid crash'

MILAN, Illinois — An accident on I-280 almost ended up in a Milan woman’s backyard.

Two semis and an SUV collided near the Airport Road exit. It happened shortly after 6 p.m. Wednesday and closed one westbound lane of the interstate. Local four news was first on the scene.

The two big rigs crashed into each other and slid into a fence, almost ending up in a backyard at east Sixth Street and Sixth Avenue.

Barbara Laughlin told Local 4 News what she heard.

“I thought I heard thunder again. I mean, it was a huge boom and then I could see through the window, the stuff flying, and I knew something was up,” Laughlin said. “I just went to the window and saw the horrid crash.”

I-280 closed for awhile tonight because of it. Only minor injuries reported there.

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