Several businesses throughout the area offered free coffee on Election Day

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Vote and get free coffee! That’s what several businesses throughout the area offered on Election Day.

Guests who showed up to selected coffee shops or food venues received free coffee when they showed their “I Voted” stickers.

Some restaurants also offered discounts to those who hit the poll.

Cat White is the owner of Ellie’s Coffee Café in Geneseo and is just one of the many businesses who offered free coffee.

“So far this morning we’ve had about 10 people in but the word is kinda getting out,” said White. “So important that we vote this is our right this is our duty.”

Tami Maciejewshi voted early and said she likes how businesses are using their platform to encourage people to vote.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the businesses in the community to show support to local government and the federal,” said Maciejewski. “There’s so much controversy going around today with their candidates that we can all come together and show support to get out and vote.”

Café Luci in Moline also had deals for voters who purchased any homemade breakfast burrito.

“In order to help people vote we’re strong believers that every votes counts and try help people out,” said Emmanuel Juarez, Café Luci Co-owner.

He said people started lining up at 8 a.m.

“Busy all day we’re about to sell out we added another batch we’re already out of our first batch of coffee we had more come in and it’s been a busy day,” said Juarez.

Mudslingers in Davenport used social media to let people know about their promotion,

“We’ve had several customers come through and show us their I voted sticker which is great, it’s great for the community and we’re glad to accommodate anybody that comes through with their sticker,” said Kirbie Dahms, Mudslingers owner.

Mudslingers also gave out free coffee on Wednesday for people who voted late on Tuesday.

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