East Moline Police Sergeant William Lind sent a message to Local 4 News that he asked us to pass on to the community as he continues to recover.

To the people of the Quad Cities, surrounding communities and across many states. I, Sgt. Lind want to express my gratitude, my thanks and the heartfelt appreciation from myself, my wife and my entire family! Words cannot begin to explain the emotions I feel hearing of the immediate, steady and continued support for me and my family. I can’t begin to list the names of individuals, businesses, organizations, friends, public safety entities and medical staff that helped and provided comfort during my time of need. I wish I could meet every single one of you, shake your hand, give a hug or just say the words “Thank You” face to face. I want to say, the power of your prayers and kindness will forever give me strength in my recovery. May God bless each of you for everything!

Forever Grateful,

Sgt. William & Amber Lind and Family

Sgt. William Lind (photo: East Moline Police Department)