A 3-year-old girl in Moline just underwent a successful heart transplant, and she is recovering.

Delilah Edwards was diagnosed with a rare condition in which some of her organs are formed abnormally. She was diagnosed with heterotaxy – that’s the general description of her heart being in the wrong area, turned around with some parts missing. It’s estimated that one in 10,000 people worldwide have this syndrome.

Delilah underwent her first surgery when she was only three weeks old. She’s had 11 surgeries in total. Eight of them were open-heart surgeries and one was her recent transplant.

Delilah’s dad, Ryan Edwards, says the diagnosis came when Delilah’s mom was 21 weeks pregnant. Just a few weeks after she was born, Delilah underwent her first surgery in Peoria before she was sent to Chicago for further treatment.

“They diagnosed her with the heart defects. They were there for her first surgery. In Chicago they handled the transplant, because Peoria doesn’t have the equipment or technology to do, so they had to go somewhere else,” said Edwards.

More than two years later, Delilah’s life changed.

“They accepted a heart, so right then everything moved so fast. Within a couple days after she was in a 13-hour surgery,” said Edwards.

It’s a call her dad will remember.

“Just hearing her voice, the doctor’s voice, when she was talking to me, something was different about the call,” said Edwards. “The best thing about it is when they tell you the heart started beating on its own. It’s a whole different feeling. She has a brand-new start.”