Shenanigan’s closes down

Local News

Shenanigan’s Irish Pub is set to close down permanently tonight.

The bar has had a history of violence throughout the years.

City leaders tried to revoke the bars’ liquor license multiple times

But the final straw for the city was a brawl in early December that led to gunfire.

Shenanigan’s owner later announced he was closing down the bar.

Neil McReynolds is the pastor of City Church. The church moved downtown to one block away from Shenanigans 3 years ago.

McReynolds says that he thinks the staff at Shenanigan’s tried their best, but ultimately, he says the bar’s closing is for the best.

“It stinks for them because people get intoxicated and get stupid and then you have lots of drama,” McReynolds said. “You know they’re awesome people but they’re losing their jobs tonight too. Just with everything that’s been happening there, at least over the last year, this is gonna help keep the safety and letting people know that you can be safe and come to downtown Davenport and have a safe night out.”

McReynolds says that even if he felt personally unsafe in downtown, his faith would keep him from living in fear.

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