School bus drivers are in high demand in the Quad Cities area.

Sherrard is one district that needs substitute drivers. It has 13 full-time routes and only three substitute drivers right now. One factor contributing to the shortage is the requirement to have a commercial driver’s license. Local 4 News found out what the lack of drivers could mean for students and parents.

When a school bus driver calls in sick or has an emergency someone has to pick up their route. If a school district is short of backup drivers that can cause them to have the districts maintenance staff to fill in. That can put them behind on maintenance work. In the worst case scenario drivers can end up running two routes which would delay pickups, and drop offs

Troy Beverly has been a bus driver for three years. ” I started out part time, and it kind of evolved into full time. Like I said I really enjoy driving. I enjoy being around the kids. I work with a great group of people. My children are pretty well behaved as you seen this morning,” he says.

Right now Sherrard School District has all of their regular routes covered, but in the long term they are always looking for substitute drivers. In fact they are looking to hire a half a dozen as soon as possible.

Superintendent Alan Boucher says, “Generally we have or mechanics drive those routes. because they do have their endorsements to be able to drive the school bus with students on it. We also have one teacher who at the end of their work day they can help us out by getting kids back home.”

If the district has a problem then they would have to combine routes, which is something they have not had to do in 4 years. Boucher says that would mean longer wait times.

“Which is really a problem with parents, because they are expecting their kids to be home. They would get home later because we had to combine routes,” says Boucher.

The district pays $18 an hour for drivers who drive a regular route. An evening activity driver pay is $12.05/hour. If you are interested you can stop by the district office to apply.