Nine bullets tore through 44-year-old Lamarr Parks’ body and his life.

Two of the bullets from that afternoon in September 2021 remain in his leg.

“Right here and right here.” He counts them as his hands fly across his body and leg. he has undergone four major surgeries.

Lamarr doesn’t walk these days, or bike ride with his son, or work out at the gym. His right leg is stiff at his side; his right hand flops at his wrist. He wears a colostomy bag.  He takes 22 medications to get through his days.

Lamarr Parks and his wife, Billie. Shot nine times, he continues to recover (contributed photo.)

And now, a suspect in the shooting is in custody.

Lamarr and his wife speak freely about what it was like for them to learn that Quasean Terrell Davis, 26, of Rock Island, faces charges of aggravated battery with a firearm, aggravated discharge of a firearm and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, according to police.

Davis was apprehended on Monday, and is being held in Rock Island County Jail on a $200,000 bond.

Quasean Terrell Davis (photo: Rock Island Police Department)

The shooting

The incident happened about 3:45 p.m. Sept. 18, 2021. Rock Island Police responded to a call of shots fired. Upon arrival to the 1400 block of 5½ Avenue, officers found Lamarr with serious gunshot-wound injuries.

“I was shocked,” he said of the charges. “I feel he tried to murder me.”

“I was trying to buy a car – it was a 1971 Riviera. The guy who was selling me the car, he only wanted to sell me the body of the car.”

“As we exchanged the money, the guy, he comes in between us, snatches the money.”

The suspect had his hand in a bag.

“I just heard gunshots going off. I’m not thinking ‘This man is shooting me.’ I woke up Dec.2. That’s all I can remember,” Lamarr said.

(The next image, provided by Lamarr Parks, may be disturbing to some viewers. It was taken while he was hospitalized, and shows some of his wounds.)

Lamarr Parks in the hospital. (contributed photo.)

Lamarr was in a coma Sept. 18-Dec. 2. When he woke up, “To be honest with you, I wanted to kill myself. Because I didn’t know who I was,” he said.

His mother died not long afterward. “It shook her to the core to the point where she literally died,” Lamarr said.

Now that a suspect is behind bars, “What I hope is that justice (will) be served.”

“You shoot me nine times over some money that didn’t belong to you. You did not earn this money. I got up and went to work, each and every day,” Lamarr said.

“Look at me. Look at my hand. I can’t even go back to work. I got a colostomy bag for the rest of my life.”

“I can’t play with my son. I can’t throw a football the way I used to. I used to work out at Ultimate Fitness each and every day. I was 225 pounds, but I was all muscle. And to wake up, shriveled up …. When I came out of my coma, I weighed 101 pounds.”

Lamarr and his son, Noah, before Lamarr was shot. (contributed photo.)

Doctors say it will be a long recovery.

“They’re giving me seven months to a year to actually … for the internal healing. I don’t know about my hand,” Lamarr said. “They don’t know, because the nerves got damaged from here to my spine.”

What he does know is the gun violence needs to stop.

“There’s too many guns out here, in these streets. We shouldn’t be allowed to have those type of guns in our possession. He shot me with a .380.”

Lamarr plans to be at the trial and plans to testify. “Not only did he do this to me, he did it in front of my son. My 9-year-old son, he has to live with that. He’s in therapy, dealing with this each and every day.”

“He hugs me 200 times a day. If not more. He has to see me. He has to lay his eyes on me before he does anything.”

Lamarr, too, is undergoing therapy, “just trying to find a way to get over it,” he said.

“Non-life threatening injuries? How is that so when I’m still fighting for my life yet today?”

Before he was shot, Lamarr Parks was a regular at the gym. (contributed photo.)

His wife, Billie Hornbeak, and he have been together 14 years. She remembers her son called her at work to say he heard gunshots outside. And then “It’s my dad!” he said.

Billie drove home as fast as she could to see the ambulance taking Lamarr to the hospital.

“About 9 o’clock at night is when I got to go in there and see him. It was mind-blowing. The worst thing you can ever imagine seeing your mate look like,” she said. “Tubes, wires, holes and his drainages … it was unbelievable.”

“He shot him nine times. People do less shooting with target practice.”

“I hope they make examples out of people. He didn’t only hurt my husband, he hurt our son as well. He hurt our daughter. Six weeks of not know if he was going to make it every single day,” she said.

“I just stayed in heavy prayer. I didn’t have no answers. I couldn’t tell our son, ‘This is OK.’”

“He can’t hold me, he can’t hold a bat. He can’t play with our son. All he can do now is sit and look.”

“Before, we were a team. Now I’m having to do it all,” she said. “He was a man’s man: He wants to take care of me. But he has to depend on me to take care of him. It’s like the roles are switched and I can see it’s mentally bothering him.”

“I think about this: The day he gets sentenced, I would like my son to see it.”

“Guns kill. Ain’t no take-back,” Billie said. “Ain’t no sorry. You shoot somebody nine times, you are trying to murder them … That’s an assassination. Nine times? Come on.”

“I just hope and pray that somebody can hear this story and put a gun down.”

Police, state’s attorney, explain charges

Rock Island Police on Wednesday responded to Lamarr’s concerns, saying the press release stated “serious but non-life threatening” because the victim was expected to survive. “When we use terms like non-life threatening, serious, critical or fatal it’s based on the information provided to us from medical staff treating the victim,” police said.

Attempted murder is a Class 1 felony with a punishment of 4-15 years. Aggravated battery with a firearm is a Class X felony with a punishment of 21-45 years. 

“Even though attempted murder sounds worse, the battery charge is actually more serious. If someone has been shot, we normally charge the Class X. There have been incidents where we do use attempted murder as an additional charge and for this particular case it can be added later if necessary,” Dora A. Villarreal, Rock Island County state’s attorney, explained on Wednesday.

Local 4 News and will continue to follow this case.