Earlier this week, host Jim Niedelman revisited the potential for a federal government shutdown and the risk it poses politically going into an election year.

Democratic political consultant Porter McNeil and former Iowa State Rep. David Millage return to address the issue in a conversation they had with Jim Niedelman on Wednesday for this program that airs Sunday.

Congress will need to figure out a longer-term solution regardless if there’s a temporary solution to prevent a shutdown.

The biggest political damage is done to the party that the public blames for a shutdown come election time, especially if it goes on a while.

“The majority of people right now are in a wait-and-see attitude,” McNeil said. “What they do see is the Speaker of the House being held captive by six or seven extreme members in this caucus.”

“There are 210 Democrat ‘No’ votes – Representative (Eric) Sorensen being one of those,” Millage said. “”The Democrats have plenty of blame here as well.”

Click on the video to hear what else our panelists have to say.

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