Silvis Fire celebrates birthdays for kids while practicing social distancing

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Celebrating a birthday during the current COVID-19 shut down can feel a little different.

Especially for younger kids who don’t fully understand why their birthday party had to be cancelled.

Silvis firefighters are doing what they can to cheer kids up by blaring their sirens and flashing their light.

Friday morning they drove to different homes to celebrate their birthdays with them all while practicing social distancing.

Fire Chief John Winters say its a way to make the best out of the current situation.

“They are locked in their house from the stay at home order from the Governor, and they are missing out on birthday parties, and being able to go out to birthday dinners. So we are going to ride down their house, turn on the lights and sirens and wish them a happy birthday.”

Kaden Hall turned two years old Friday. His party was scheduled for the weekend, but had to be cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus.

“He was really exited to have a Baby Shark swimming party, and with the hotel and stuff like that we had to cancel it. He was really sad,’ says Hannah Hall, Kaden’s mother.

Hall says she is grateful for the Fire Department.

“The last couple of days that they known the fire truck was coming they have been jumping up and down and staring out the window. Kaden kept saying truck, truck ,drive, drive. So he’s been waiting impatiently for them to come,” she says.

Hall says it is a special birthday for Kaden, and the SFD went out of their way to make it happen.

“The fact that they even cared enough for the kids that birthday parties were ruined, and they didn’t get to have friends over that’s awesome that they are able to come by and turn on some lights,” she says.

Chief Winters says he just wanted to spread some joy.

“Times like these are trying for everyone. However, they are especially difficult for kids. They don’t understand why they have to stay inside. They don’t understand why they can’t play with their friends. They don’t understand why their birthday party is cancelled. We hope that we can bring smiles,” says Winters.

The Fire Department currently has 22 birthday requests. You can put in a request by calling the Silvis Fire Department, or contact Chief Winters at 309-792-4815 to arrange a fire truck birthday greeting.

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