Sisters of weekend shooting victim speak out

Local News

Italia Kelly was shot to death at the Walmart on Kimberly Road Sunday night.

Now, her sisters are speaking out about her death.

Shavonn Kelly says that she’s seen messages on social media that are critical of Italia after her passing.

“She’s gone but she’s still getting bashed” Kelly said. “About being there and doing something she believed in. And now she’s being called stupid and all kinds of stuff and that really hurts.”

“I still haven’t told my children about it,” Tamara Kelly said. “Because I’m not sure how to explain it so they can understand.”

Shavonn Kelly hopes that protests can remain peaceful from now on.

“Like what’s the point of saying Black Lives Matter when we’re going around killing each other? Like this is not making any sense to me. Just be safe. Watch out. Watch your surroundings. If you see a big crowd that’s getting rowdy just go, leave as soon as possible. Don’t bother waiting around to try to see what the chaos is about. You never know when it’s your time, because a bullet doesn’t have a name.”

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