The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reached a settlement with Sivyer Steel Castings LLC in Bettendorf on August 25 to resolve alleged violations of the Clean Air Act (CAA). According to the EPA, the company learned in 2019 that a detection system used to identify releases of potentially harmful air pollutants was broken and the facility failed to address the problem.

As part of the settlement, Sivyer Steel Castings has agreed to fix the leak detection system and submit monthly reports to the EPA demonstrating the system’s proper operation and integrity, as well as showing the facility’s ongoing compliance with CAA regulations.

“Sivyer Steel Castings is located in a community that is disproportionately affected by air pollution,” said David Cozad, director of the EPA Region 7’s Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Division in a press release. “This settlement represents EPA’s and the Biden administration’s commitment to protecting all communities, especially those overburdened by environmental harm.”

The EPA said that without the functioning leak detection system, Sivyer Steel Castings is unaware of whether pollutant filters are operating effectively to reduce emissions of particulate matter and certain hazardous air pollutants. The facility is in a community identified by the EPA as one that is particularly vulnerable to the effects of pollution.

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