Smelly situation has homeowners in Galesburg looking for answers

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A family in Galesburg has spent nearly two years trying to get its septic system fixed that broke down months after they bought the home.

Michelle Batson is a mother of two who noticed the smell of raw sewage coming from her backyard on day in Spring of 2020, she was recovering from chemotheraphy treatment for cancer.

“I kinda just hung around in the yard and I really started to smell a septic smell again and again and then I started to notice the puddle that I called it get larger and larger,” said Batson.

She called Lambasio Inc. in Galesburg, it’s the company that installed the new spetic system six months before her family moved into their new home.

“He said to me yeah it’s failing there’s really no reason why it’s failing this is a new system we just put it in the previous homeowners,” said Batson.

Batson says Lambasio worked with the family to try to solve the problem but wouldn’t pay for testing.

“Who’s paying for that and he send me a message that says I had ideas how this was going to go between the two of us I want you know I’ve done everything I can to help you, but I’m not going to pay to have this done,” said Batson.

We reached out to Lambasio Inc., the service rep didn’t want to comment on the situation.

The family didn’t buy a home warranty that can cover septic tanks.

Batson says this long battle adds to the stress as she continues to fight cancer.

“I’m still in treatment so there’s a lot happening right now and we just need a remedy,” said Batson.

The family is worried the problem won’t get fixed and the smell of sewage will only get worse.

“We just want him to do the right thing we gave him a year to just do the right thing he was paid $13,000 to do the job originally from the previous homeowners so yeah he got paid the previous owner got paid their money when we bought the house and then we were are I’m just asking fix it, that’s all I’m asking to do just fix it make it right,” said Batson.

Batson says the repairs needed could cost as much as $23,000.

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