Snowstar closed for business until ski lift inspection is performed

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Snowstar Winter Park in Andalusia announced via Facebook Tuesday morning they would be temporarily closed due to issues regarding their ski lifts and hope to reopen for business on Friday, January 24.

According to a news release on their Facebook page Wednesday morning, Snowstar’s manager contacted the Illinois Department of Amusement Rides to receive a lift permit.

An inspector from the Illinois Department of Amusement Rides told Snowstar he would try to perform the necessary inspection the first weekend of January, which would allow the ski park to reopen and continue to stay in business after January 18.

According to the news release, the inspector didn’t show up for the inspection. When Snowstar reached out to the inspector, he referred them to his boss at the Illinois Department of Labor.

Snowstar said the Illinois Department of Labor informed the ski park of making a mistake last year in allowing their local electrical engineer to approve both the electrical and mechanical aspects of their ski lifts.

Due to a lack of local mechanical engineers familiar with ski lifts, Snowstar’s insurance company referred the ski park to someone on the East Coast, who is unable to fly in to the area for a mechanical inspection until Thursday, January 23. Snowstar says once the inspection has been completed, the state can then renew the ski park’s license, allowing them to reopen for business.

Snowstar apologized for the inconvenience, especially for those with season passes, and assured customers the issues are unrelated to the safety of their ski lifts.

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