Some Quad Citizens still waiting on tax refunds

Local News

This pandemic is hitting people financially in a different way–their taxes.

Some people in the Quad Cities and around the country have not received their refunds from the IRS, while the crisis reduced the agency’s workforce and makes it harder to process the paperwork.

Jeannie Miller says she filed her taxes back in January and was depending on them to pay her mortgage, which she hasn’t been able to pay since March. The IRS told her Monday that she could be waiting another 4 months. That, along with her husband’s reduced labor due to the pandemic, makes getting that refund critical.

“We want our earned money back. That’s what we want,” Miller said. “We don’t get food assistance, we don’t get any of that stuff. We rely on that tax return to carry us through the winter. Winter’s coming and, I don’t know what we’re gonna do.”

A local accountant who said normal refund delays may be compounded by the coronavirus.

“If your address changes, or for some reason if the mail didn’t get delivered to you, sometimes it will bounce back to the IRS,” Andy Fergurson, from Nelsoncorp Tax Solutions said. “Sometimes it’ll kick back from the bank for some reason. If that happens, you can always get it re-issued, if you don’t get it re-issued, I’ve seen it happen before where the IRS waits a whole year and sends it out with the next refund.”

Individual taxpayers have already received or will receive interest checks in addition to their refunds, if they got them after April 15th.

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