Some restaurants in Galesburg are embracing having customers eat in again

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Some restaurants in Galesburg are embracing having customers eat in again.

Elvith Santoyo-McNaught and Justine McNaught are the owners of La Cantinita in Galesburg and opened their doors in September during the pandemic and said their glad to finally have guests enjoy their food

“To say that it feels amazing is an understatement but it is defitnetly nice to have a sense of normalize back,” said Santoyo-McNaught.

The owners say this is a big win during the pandemic.

“You come in the door and there’s nobody here so if there’s a quater of the people here I feel like that’s kinda a win right now,” said McNaught.

Judy Wang is the owner of Judy’s Family Cafe and decided to continue offering drive-thru pick up until futher notice, the main reason is to keep her family safe during these times.

“Right now I don’t know we see later with the Coronavirus the numbers go down and vaccine everyone have the vaccine,” said Wang. “I’m a restaurant owner I want to open inside for everybody you know but just right now my family first.”

Phil Dickinson is the owner of Landmark Cafe and Creperie and he decided to open a week later to make sure they’re ready to have guests inside.

“We wanted to give our staff time to get ready we had some protocals to place here just to make sure we were ready to do it right rather than quickly,” said Dickinson.

The community’s support is what has helped them during the pandemic.

“We’ve been amazed at the support we’ve gotten it’s allowed us to in combination with the grants and funding we’ve received to be able to survive,” said Dickinson.

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