Some restaurants in the Quad Cities area are not happy with a popular food delivery service

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Some restaurants in the Quad Cities area are not happy with a popular food delivery service.

Restaurant owners have claimed that GrubHub has taken their menus and put them on its website without their permission or they’ve canceled orders without notifying the restaurant.

April Bowlyou is the owner of Bowlyou’s Ice Cream and Grill in Milan and says they’ve been having problems with GrubHub for several weeks.

“They’re messing up orders it’s impacting the customer it’s creating negative reviews negative outcomes for our customers which then impacts our restaurant and our business and our livelihood,” said Bowlyou. “The other issue that is happening too is GrubHub will call orders in and then they’ll cancel that order they won’t call the business and let the business know so that’s creating an impact for the business financially.”

The owner of Olde Towne Bakery in Moline wasn’t available for an interview but tells us they’ve had problems with GrubHub for the past two weeks. They’re asking customers to contact their bakery directly.

In a statement GrubHub says: Grubhub places restaurants on our platform to offer diners variety and to increase the volume of orders for the restaurants. Restaurant owners can request removal by reaching out to us at, and Olde Towne Bakery and Bowlyou’s Ice Cream and Grill are no longer on our platform.

Gary Schmooke is the owner of Smokey’s Country Diner in East Moline and says he avoids getting orders from the delivery service after he lost money.

“I have tried not to get orders mainly from GrubHub due to the fact that I have a $53 ticket that they did not pay,” said Schmooke “Those companies need to understand things are tough for us already let alone cooking 50 some dollars worth of food and not paying for it.”

GrubHub contacted the owner of Smokey’s Country Diner and issued them a refund.

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