An 80-year-old Quad City native is missing in a Utah state park. His son, Scott, who grew up in the Quad Cities, asks anyone who knows his dad to help – at a distance – with the search.

William “Bill” Thorpe was last seen getting off a park shuttle in the park on Thursday, Sept. 1, at about 3 p.m., according to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office.

Since then, his son, Scott Thorpe, has spent sleepless nights wondering where his dad could be.

“He worked for over 30 years at John Deere. And there was never a meal that was not on the table every single night,” Scott says of his dad who is from Erie, Ill.

“He has myself and my sister. He is a tremendous father. He was a single father,” Scott said. 

And now he’s missing. The father and son traveled to Europe together, and then took in some shows in Las Vegas.

“The next I heard from him, he had bought a motor coach. He’s all over the place now. He’s been up in Alaska. He’s been all over the place with his motor home,” Scott says. “He always went where it was good weather.

Bill Thorpe was last seen Sept. 1 in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. 

William Thorpe (contributed photo.)

“When he goes to the parks, they usually hire him to help manage the park, for something for him to do. He’s always employed when he goes to the parks, and helps people get settled into their campsites and things,” Scott said. “It’s unlike him. He’s very punctual.”

His RV sits intact in the park. “We’d like to have some closure,” Scott said.

He gets daily updates about the search in which Sheriff Danny Perkins is involved.

“Sheriff Perkins has been doing this for 36 years, and three’s only person he has not been able to find …. This isn’t going where we want it to go, so far,” Scott told Local 4 News.

Search efforts continued Saturday. Dozens of searchers, rescue dogs, a helicopter and drones have been involved in the search.

“We’re hoping for the best,” he said. “We’re hoping that something happened, and we just can’t reach him right now.”

If you have any information or were contacted by Bill Thorpe since Sept. 1, contact local Quad-City law enforcement, Garfield County Sheriff’s Office at 435-676-1134 or or NPS Glen Canyon Dispatch at 928-608-6301.