Sophia and Henry were the most popular names of babies born at Genesis BirthCenters in Davenport and Silvis in 2021.

There have been 18 Sophias born at Genesis in 2021. Henry has been the name choice for 16 baby boys at Genesis, according to a Monday release.

Henry has consistently been near the top in popularity of new Genesis parents in recent years, but tops the annual list for the first time. Sophia was also the most favored name for Genesis baby girls in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

According to, the most popular baby names nationally in 2021 are Liam and Olivia. Sophia is No. 5 nationally among girls’ names and Henry is No. 19.

The most popular names for girls born at Genesis were Sophia (18), Olivia (13), Eleanor (10); and, Charlotte and Emma (9).

The most popular names for boys born at Genesis were Henry (16); Liam (13); Lucas (11); and, Jack, Oliver, Elijah and Theodore (9).

The top five girl names nationally in 2021, according to are Olivia, Emma, Amelia, Ava and Sophia. For boys, the most popular names nationally are Liam, Noah, Oliver, Elijah and Lucas.

Several babies born at Genesis in 2021 will have names they are unlikely to share with anyone in their school classes. Among the unique birth names at Genesis in 2021 were Persephone (girl), Hay Tah (girl), E Mani (girl), Aqwaunis (boy), Iribagiza (boy) and E. Legend (boy).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names in 2021 at Genesis BirthCenters:

1. Sophia (18); 2. Olivia (13); 3. Eleanor (10); tie, Charlotte and Emma (9); 6. tie, Hazel, Violet, Ava (8); 10. tie, Avery, Isla, Willow (6).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names in 2021:

1. Henry (16); 2. Liam (13); 3. Lucas (11); 4. tie, Jack, Leo, Oliver, Elijah and Theodore (9); 9. Bennett (8) 9. tie, Carter, Landon and Noah (7).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names in 2020 at Genesis BirthCenters:

1. Olivia (19); 2. tie, Emma, Evelyn (11); 4. tie, Aurora, Charlotte (10); 6.  Emilia, Ava, Scarlett (9); 9. tie, Everleigh, Elizabeth, Isla and Natalie (7).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names in 2020:

1. Oliver (16); 2. Lincoln (15); 3. tie, Grayson/Greyson. Henry (14); 5. tie, Calvin, Elias (10); 8. Hudson (9); 9. tie, Asher, Joseph, Levi, Liam (8).