Speak Out Against Suicide builds Hope Haven as the next step of their mission

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A place for hope will open in Clinton, expanding the mission of Speak Out Against Suicide to address the risk factors.

Speak Out Against Suicide Educator Lisa Lehr “Not having people to talk to. Not feeling like you belong anywhere and just having something to go to that has purpose and meaning and that’s what the room is about.”

Hope Haven has been a goal for the group for couple of years.

It will be at the Gateway Area Community Center.

Organizers said they’ll also have support groups for people have lost someone to suicide and for teens.

Speak Out members said they have personal lost someone to suicide and wish they had a resource like this to turn to for help.

The founder of the community center says the reason he formed the non-profit running the place was the impact of suicide on the area and in his own life.

Community Center Executive Director Jorge Landa Rodriguez said, “In 2012 in this area, there was a high, high rate of suicide for teen suicide and it was unfortunate. A lot of them hit close to home.”

The community center providers activities aimed at kids including boxing, music and video gaming room.

July 1 will also see the alternative school start. They also have a graphic arts room and are working on creating an arcade room.

Rodriguez said by providing all these activities and a community of people to reach out to, it’s making sure kids and teens have people to reach out to for help.

Hope Haven has an open house and spaghetti dinner fundraiser Sunday, June 30 from 4-6p.m. at the Gateway Area Community Center.

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